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Exhibition Mira Mira

MIRA MIRA, Club d'amics dels estels de Badalona, aims at bringing together all those who, alone or as a team, occasionally or very often, fly kites on the beaches of our city, so that we can improve their abilities of flight and construction, as well as promote and divulge the flight of this mangnficent device in many of its modalities. We fly kites, build them, teach and learn almost every type of kites: estatic kites, acrobatics, indoor.

We meet at the headquarters of Asociación de vecinos de Iris-Sol-Casagemas that welcomes us in a enthusiatic way.

Mira-Mira club d’estels de Badalona is an association that carries out the following activities:

Flying of kites, whenever we can, alone or as a team, and always willing to share with others this beautiful activity.

Workshops on kites carried out in educational centres, neighbours associations, cultural entities or City Halls.

BADALCEL. Annual festival in Badalona, during the festivities in May, which consists of a flight-exhibition of kites built by the club and painted by reknown artists, as well as a national and international festival of clubs.

Participation in festivals organised by other clubs, clubs that invite us to show our kites (Barcelona Festival, Valencia Festival, Vitoria Festival, Frejus Festival (France), Alcochete Festival (Portugal), Nice Festival (France)

Exhibition of our kites, We also organise exhibitions of kites, both indoors, (annual exhibition in Can Casacuberta Library, from 1st to 30th Setember, exhibition in COSMO CAIXA, from 1st to 30th March 2007, exhibition in Alcochete (Portugal) from 26th June to 10th July 2007) and outdoors (art exhibition in the sky of Badalona on 15th April 2007)